What is DOB Now?


DOB NOW is an online tool that lets users take care of business with the Department quickly and conveniently. Using DOB NOW, you can submit documents and payments electronically in minutes – no more waiting on the phone or in line at DOB offices. With DOB NOW, you can access a wide range of services […]

How To Fix An ECB Violation

How to fix an ecb violation

  If you’re a building owner or investor, you may have encountered the term “ECB violation” at some point. But what is an ECB violation? In short, an ECB violation is a notice of violation issued by the New York City Environmental Control Board. ECB violations can be issued for various reasons, including but not […]

What is a DOB-ECB violation?

What is a DOB-ECB violation?

  If you own a building in New York City, you’ve probably heard of DOB-ECB violations. But what are they exactly? In short, DOB-ECB violations are issued by the Department of Buildings (DOB) for any building code violations deemed Environmental Control Board (ECB) offenses. Here’s a more detailed look at what that means.   What […]

How to Clear NYC Property Violations

How to Clear NYC Property Violations

NYC property violations can be a real pain for builders and lawyers. But there are ways to clear them. Let’s take a look at how to clear NYC property violations. What are NYC Property Violations? NYC property violations are issued when a building or property does not comply with the New York City Building Code. […]

The Need for Construction Project Management

If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve had to oversee a construction project at some point. Whether it’s a renovation of your existing office space or a brand-new build, construction projects can be complex undertakings. That’s why it’s so important to have a construction project manager on your team. A good project manager will […]

Construction Management: Nightmares to Avoid

It’s easy to get stuck with a big bill once you’ve signed a contract and have a major nightmare to handle. Here’s a quick story that we hope you don’t forget to remember! We received a call from an excited, and hopeful HVAC contractor just recently who had signed a $350,000 commercial contract with a […]

Stop Work Order with Unsafe Building

Mismanagement of any project, business, organization, or property can lead to trouble, and in some cases major fines. In this case an international traveler entrusted her local home to a local realtor who also served as the property manager. The goal was to have the local realtor work directly with the homeowner’s son to make […]

The Necessity of the Certificate of Occupancy (CO)

Don’t panic if you are in a situation where you need your legal and permanent CO to refinance, sell, or renovate your property and you don’t have one, never received one, or need to find out if you even need one. If this sounds like you – read on. A CO describes the legal occupancy […]

Tackling NYC Housing Preservation & Development Violations (HPD)

HPD violations in New York City The owner of a local commercial property was notified by their bank’s underwriter that they would need to resolve any outstanding violations before closing on the refinance. The property/building owner requested that the bank escrow funds to make repairs after the loan refinance but was denied. With 47 HPD violations on […]