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The Need for Construction Project Management

Just recently a facility manager was exhausted, frustrated, and stressed because his community center had several projects going all at once, and the building owners expected him to do construction project management. The facility manager initially tried to handle the jobs alone but found that it was too much to handle. Luckily, he had heard […]

Construction Management: Nightmares to Avoid

It’s easy to get stuck with a big bill once you’ve signed a contract and have a major nightmare to handle. Here’s a quick story that we hope you don’t forget to remember! We received a call from an excited, and hopeful HVAC contractor just recently who had signed a $350,000 commercial contract with a […]

Stop Work Order with Unsafe Building

Mismanagement of any project, business, organization, or property can lead to trouble, and in some cases major fines. In this case an international traveler entrusted her local home to a local realtor who also served as the property manager. The goal was to have the local realtor work directly with the homeowner’s son to make […]

Sign Permit Service + NYC Building Violations + OAC Registration

A home improvement contractor client retained our firm to obtain a permit for displaying advertising signage. During our discovery phase, we found the property had received an NYC building violation. Also, the property owner would need to renew their registration before the installation of the sign. Our team worked with all parties involved to facilitate […]