Young Leaders Enrichment Program

Dear: Valerie Samuels Thank you for serving as an advisor for our afterschool program project at Young Leaders Enrichment Program. Your expertise as an expeditor and willingness to educate me has helped me get through the process. I enjoyed working with you and learning the important details of filing a Temporary Certificate of Occupancy. Your […]

Queens Property Owner

I own a small property in Queens. I was working with an “established” Real Estate Consultant company for a long time with no tangible results. I happened upon Valerie’s website and contacted her. In the end, she was able to achieve in three weeks what the other company hadn’t been able to achieve in three […]

Mt Olivet Baptist Church of Hollis

Valerie is working to secure funding for our youth and senior programs. She is gathering leads and providing vital information for the economic growth and sustainability of our church.  She is dedicated and follows through. I know that she could be a valuable asset to any organization. Rev. Dr. Frankco Harris

NU-Image Empowerment Center

The purpose of this letter is to tell you how pleased we are with Ms. Valerie Samuel who has been assisting us with her service to Nu-Image. We greatly appreciate Ms. Samuel who is very knowledgeable and looks ahead at possibilities for the coming years. Not only has she made recommendations towards projects, but her […]

No-LA Pavement Cutting

It is my esteemed pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for Valerie Samuel.  I am Jaye York, owner and CEO of NO-LA Pavement Cutting Corp. With over 20 years’ experience in the construction industry, I can positively proclaim Valerie is the best at what she does.  I came to Valerie due to her expertise […]

Du-All Industries LLC

I am writing to you to express my satisfaction and gratitude for the outstanding performance by Valerie Samuel on obtaining my MBE. Valerie expedited the Minority Certification process for me, making the extensive drawn-out process so much faster and easier to handle. Valerie demonstrated superior project management skills, was always quick to respond to any […]

Showing Heart Foundation

Thank you for participating in our most recent Nonprofit Leadership Bootcamp conference and sharing your knowledge with our membership of non-profit organizations. As always, our participants feel exceptionally excited when they know you’ll be presenting, and felt your presentation was engaging, informative, and extremely helpful. I found the feedback from our members after the conference […]

A Mother’s Touch Day Care

I am writing this letter as a humble note of appreciation for the outstanding customer service provided by Ms. Valarie Samuels. She has been able to provide timely and helpful advice each time we spoke. Her due diligence allowed her to have the answers to questions that were already on my mind. Being a busy […]

B.O.C. Realty Corporation

I am pleased to offer this congratulatory letter on behalf of Mrs. Valerie White- Samuel. Mrs. White-Samuel has been engaged in a relationship with B.O.C. Realty Corporation for six years. During that time, she has assisted us in securing two loans, in removing multiple violations from our property, and in working on and developing a […]

Youth Saving Society

Valerie has amazing energy; she is a pleasure to work with and look forward to her continuing to help scale our company. She has exceeded my expectations as a business consultant. Valerie showed a sincere interest in the Youth Saving Society. She made herself available from day one to support our organization. Proposed solutions to our […]