ECB Violation

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The Department of Buildings is the regulating body that ensures all buildings in New York City are up-to-code and sends out ECB violation orders. If you receive an “ECB violation” from them, it means your construction or zoning codes aren’t being met and there may be some sort of violation notice attached asking for correction; this process is known as “ECB Violation Removal” gives respondents time to challenge these violations at a hearing before risking penalties if found correct!
In fact, once an inspector starts issuing ECB Violations they usually try to come back in order to find more reasons why it’s deserved (and if not handled properly). That isn’t going to happen here at all though; The Property Manager has made sure everything is being done correctly so no new citations can even arise without the action first.


How does a violation dismissal in New York City work?

The Environmental Control Board is the only place to go if you’ve been found guilty of an infraction. You’ll have plenty of opportunities for appeal, but in order to maintain your license and keep from paying expensive fines, it’s best not just accept their decision at face value without investigating further first!