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FDNY Violation Order Removal Services

Expert Assistance for Immediate Safety Hazard Infractions Without the Financial Penalties and ECB Hearings.

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You want to unlock the full potential of your property by resolving FDNY violations.

You're looking to avoid legal consequences by addressing FDNY violations promptly.

You need expert guidance and support to overcome compliance challenges.

You want to minimize the financial burden with cost-effective solutions for resolving FDNY violations.

Don't let a violation notice from the FDNY for your building weigh on you.

Trust our experienced team to resolve the issue efficiently and effectively. Contact us today to discuss your situation and find the best solution for your property.

What Do I Get?

FDNY Court Appearance (ECB/OATH)

Professional representation in court to increase chances of favorable outcomes.

FDNY Certificate of Correction (ECB/OATH)

Assistance with certificate procurement for a streamlined resolution process.

FDNY Criminal Court Appearance to Admit (444 Ticket)

Legal guidance for admitting violations, ensuring legal compliance.

Motion to Vacate Default Criminal FDNY Violation (444 Ticket)

Filing services to potentially overturn unfavorable rulings.

FDNY Vacate Order Removal

Professional assistance to expedite vacate order removal process.

FDNY E-Ticket Violation Removal – Includes Inspection

Hassle-free e-ticket violation resolution with included inspection.

AB Site Visit on Day of FDNY Inspection

On-site presence during inspections for immediate response and compliance assurance.

FDNY Consulting to Assist in Violation Removal (includes site visit)

Expert advice for successful navigation through violation removal

FDNY Violation Retrieval (up to 10)

Convenient service for quick retrieval of up to 10 violation orders

Site Visit for Photographing for Hearings

Thorough site documentation to bolster your case during legal proceedings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

This service offers professional representation in court to increase your chances of favorable outcomes when dealing with FDNY violations.

We assist you in procuring the necessary certificates of correction for a streamlined resolution process regarding your FDNY violations.

All Boro Expediter provides assistance with FDNY violation notices by helping you understand the violation, guiding through the correction process, and representing you at hearings. They ensure your property complies with the NYC Fire Code to prevent future violations and help with re-inspections or document submissions. However, the final decision on fines rests with the FDNY and ECB.

All Boro Expediter provides a range of services related to FDNY violations. These include court appearances, certificate of correction procurement, criminal court appearances for admitting violations, filing motions to vacate default violations, e-ticket violation removal with inspection, site visits on the day of FDNY inspections, consulting for violation removal, violation retrieval, vacate order removal, and site visits for photographing for hearings. These services are designed to help clients efficiently navigate and resolve FDNY violations.

The timeframe to resolve a FDNY violation with All Boro Expediter can vary based on the nature of the violation and its severity. All Boro Expediter prioritizes scheduling an expedited inspection date to fast-track the resolution process. Once a violation is issued, property owners typically have certain days (e.g., 90, 60, 30, 15 days, or “forthwith,” which means immediately) to correct the violation and submit proof of the correction to the FDNY. However, in some cases, it can take up to 40 business days to complete a review, and if there are objections, another 40 business days for the second round. For the most accurate timeline, it's advised to directly contact All Boro Expediter.

Yes, All Boro Expediter can assist with fines and penalties associated with FDNY violations. They provide comprehensive services that include understanding the details of the violation, helping to navigate the correction process, and attending hearings on behalf of their clients. They also work to ensure compliance with the New York City Fire Code, which can prevent additional fines and penalties in the future. However, it's important to note that the final decision on fines and penalties rests with the FDNY and the Environmental Control Board (ECB).

Addressing building violations promptly is crucial to avoid further legal complications and maintain the safety and compliance of your property. Trust All Boro Expediter to provide the expertise and support you need to successfully resolve your building violation.

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