HPD Violations


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The Department of Housing Preservation and Development enforces many laws in New York City regarding residential properties including HPD violations. One such law is the Multiple Dwelling Law which regulates how many people can live together at one residence, as well what type or size house they must have for themselves if there’s no other room available to accommodate them besides your living quarters (e-g., an attic). The NYSHMCS also outlines responsibilities between renters/ landlords versus owners with regards t o maintaining these buildings.
HPD violations can be a very difficult thing to take care of. Thankfully, we’re here for you! At our company it’s not just about the violation itself – but also what comes after HPDs are issued- whether this is evaluation work before an inspection or remediation once one has been discovered.
When there are violations, the last thing you need is another problem on your plate. That’s why we’re here for all of them! At All Boro Expediter, our team will work with building owners or managers to help resolve these issues fast and efficiently so they don’t distract from what really matters—your business running smoothly as possible.