DOB Violations

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DOB violations happen if you’re an owner and your building doesn’t meet all of the necessary regulations, this can result in fines or public records identifying what’s wrong on titles for properties everywhere. So make sure to get everything taken care of before applying anywhere else.

Tickets come in many different shapes and sizes, but if you receive an NOV with a Cure Date, then there are three ways your ticket can be handled. First, you’ll need to correct the violation by that date as indicated on the notice of violation (NOV). A certificate will also have been filed for this exact reason–to prove that correction has taken place- and payment made too! 

Another option would simply be to admit guilt without paying any fine or penalty. However, both certificates must still accompany payments when submitting requests like these, so ensure they’re accurate before moving forward. Thirdly, we’ve got to attend hearings where clients present their cases themselves, including explaining why things happened and how they did.

DOB violations are a big deal. You should call us if you have any of these, and we can help get them taken care of so your interest doesn’t accrue too much!