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All Boro Expediter Process

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All Boro Estimate

We’ll research your violation and give you an estimate for the project, so that from day one there is no surprises as to how much this will cost.

Research Property

The cited area must be drawn up in a fashion that is admissible to the Department of Buildings. 


The Department of Housing Preservation and Development is the department of the government of New York City responsible for developing and maintaining the city’s stock of affordable housing.


The New York City Department of Buildings is the department of the New York City government that enforces the city’s building codes and zoning regulations, and issues building permits, and licenses.


The Environmental Control Board (ECB) is a type of administrative court called a tribunal. It is a division of the NYC Office of Administrative Trials and Hearings (OATH)

Create a Work Plan

The next step is to assemble your work plan. This includes determining the time, team, and budget for each task and any fines or expediting that may need attention before it can move forward in earnest!

Expediting (20-45 days)

Along with the drafted plans comes a large amount of DOB forms that must be filled out before getting to the next step.

Electronically Submit Paperwork to ECB, DoB

Although it may sound easy, filing a job is sometimes the hardest part of being an expediter, on the surface, it is simply bringing the professional’s prepared drafts and documentation to the DOB, waiting in line, and getting it submitted: to contrast what it might be like for most expediters, (think DMV on steroids).

Violation is Dismissed

You can feel relief knowing that your job is done right and a violation has been cleared.
We’ll send you an email with the link to access this information on DOB’s website.

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