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Financial Burden

HPD violations can lead to substantial fines, which can put a significant strain on your finances.

Compliance Complexity

Resolving HPD violations requires a deep understanding of housing and building codes. The complex regulations and requirements can be overwhelming even if you've done it before.

Time Constraints

Dealing with HPD violations can be time- consuming, requiring extensive documentation, inspections, and correspondence with the HPD.

Risk of Recurrence

Correcting an HPD violation is not always a one-time fix. Building owners often face the risk of recurrence if the underlying issues are not properly addressed.

Resolve violations successfully with Valerie White, the expert with a proven track record since 2011, Including Hurricane Sandy relief efforts.

Trust the experience and expertise of Valerie White to navigate the complexities of violation resolution and ensure a successful outcome.

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When it comes to resolving HPD violations, it's crucial to have an experienced team by your side.

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Our team has extensive knowledge of the HPD violation process, including the unique requirements for resolution and the necessary documentation.

Resolving HPD violations can be a time-consuming process. Our experienced team knows the best strategies to navigate through the bureaucratic procedures and expedite the resolution.

DIY solutions for HPD violations can lead to incorrect submissions or missing essential details, which may result in penalties or further delays. Our experts ensure that all paperwork is completed accurately and in compliance with HPD regulations, reducing the risk of errors and ensuring a smooth resolution.

With years of experience, we have established strong relationships with HPD officials and understand how to effectively communicate with them. This enables us to advocate on your behalf, negotiate when necessary, and streamline the process for a favorable outcome.

Dealing with HPD violations can be stressful, especially when large fines and enforcement measures are at stake. By choosing All Boro Expediter, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a dedicated team of professionals working diligently to resolve your violation and minimize any potential penalties.

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Approve the estimate and our expert team will execute an action plan to resolve your HPD violation, keeping you updated throughout the process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

NYC HPD places liens or judgements on properties for numerous reasons, and the most common is when the property owner misses the deadline to cure the violation.

No. Although both can be attached to the same property, they are not the same.  Both agencies issue violations, and both agencies have different processes to correct the violations.

NYC HPD will file a court order on the property to prompt the owner to correct, and also impose civil penalties of $250 daily for lack of heat or hot water violations for the first day, and for any day thereafter, NYC HPD imposes a $500 daily civil penalty multiplied by the actual number of days the problem remains not corrected. 

No. Although both can be attached to the same property, they are not the same.  Both agencies issue violations, and both agencies have different processes to correct the violations.

The NYC HPD inspector during the site visit will look for violations visible to the eye even if they are not the ones they are there to inspect.

It’s best to avoid additional violations such as doors with double cylinder locks without keys to exit, gates on windows instead of a latch, carbon dioxide and smoke detectors missing or not working, dark hallways instead of light colored hallways, stairwells unsteady or with cracks in steps, or not having the required signage for the heating, fire, sprinkler or gas system in addition to not having a gas or fire plan with an inspection box noting the dates of the inspections, etc.

NYC HPD will not impose any fines for Class B Fines. 

However, NYC HPD’s concern is safety, and if he inspector receives a complaint and visits the property and finds there is no gas, hot water or heat, there will be a fine imposed.

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