Sidewalk Shed

Sidewalk Shed

Sidewalk sheds are temporary buildings erected to safeguard people or assets. Property owners must build a shed when building a structure more than 40 feet tall, razing a structure more than 25 feet high, or when there is danger necessitating such protection. Sidewalk sheds must be removed as soon as construction, demolition, or cleanup work is completed.

Sidewalks sheds may not be erected without permission from the Department and appropriate permits. When there’s an emergency that endangers people’s safety, homeowners have the right to construct a shed and apply for a permit within 24 hours.

Before the Department of Buildings approves a shed, other city agencies may need to approve it. For example, the NYC Department of Transportation’s Office of Construction Mitigation and Coordination (DOT) requires a Building Operation Permit for sidewalk sheds that extend into the street.

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Illegally installing a sidewalk shed is against the law and can result in fines as high at $10,000.

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