Site Safety Card Violation

Site Safety Card Violation

The SST card is a safety training card built to provide information about construction workers training backgrounds in New York City. The card itself is designed to show off specific training required to work in compliance with New York City’s Local Law 196.

The card includes the worker’s name, photograph, and expiration date. It also has room for up to four different trainings that the worker has completed. The city offers many different types of safety training, so the SST card makes it easy for employers to quickly see if a worker is qualified for a job. The card is valid for three years and can be renewed online.

The SST card is an important tool for ensuring the safety of construction workers in New York City.


Working in construction or demolition in New York City can be a hazardous job. To help protect workers and supervisors, the city has put in place a requirement that all workers and supervisors obtain a valid SST card. 

The SST card is issued by a DOB-approved course provider, and allows construction and demolition workers to work safely on job sites. Construction supervisors are required to have more training hours than workers, and as a result, they are also required to carry an SST card. 

By having all workers and supervisors properly trained and certified, the city is helping to create a safe working environment for all.

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The Department of Labor is serious about ensuring that all workers have received proper training. If you are found guilty of failing to maintain accurate logs, then there will be a $2,500 fine waiting for you.

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