Tackling NYC Housing Preservation & Development Violations (HPD)

Tackling NYC Housing Preservation & Development Violations (HPD)

HPD violations in New York City

The owner of a local commercial property was notified by their bank’s underwriter that they would need to resolve any outstanding violations before closing on the refinance. The property/building owner requested that the bank escrow funds to make repairs after the loan refinance but was denied. With 47 HPD violations on the record, they found it difficult to navigate and remove these citations.

How are NYC HPD violations issued?

The NYC Department of Housing and Preservation & Development issued the violations to the property/building owner because the property/building failed to meet the City’s Housing Maintenance Code standards and New York State Multiple Dwelling Law.

The property/building owner’s team was trying to submit a dismissal request for the overdue hpd violations, but they found themselves wasting time. They felt overwhelmed by the process and eventually asked our team to help them.

As commercial property/building professionals, we knew we had to have a current property registration on file with the Department of Housing Preservation to pay for emergency repairs and program charges and resolve judgments. So we went online and started updating the housing maintenance code.

Shortly after, we requested the property/building owner for the original violation preliminary notice. When they were unable to produce it, our research team looked into each separate violation to begin working on rectifying them. The process of certifying hpd violations is similar to getting lost in a maze – you need to find your way through without making any mistakes or returning to where you started.

Our team was aware that the Notice of Violation NNOV) could not be certified as correct without the original form, notarized signatures, and proving that repairs had been made.

Housing maintenance codes and violations

We discovered that there were Class A, Class B, and Class C violations. Most of the property/building owner’s infractions fell into this category: lead-based paint, window guard, heat, and hot water. We, therefore, had to take action and begin deleting the violations.

Our team was responsible for coordinating quotes from tradesmen and licensed professionals, managing repairs, completing forms, coordinating inspections, and waiting for corrections on various violations, including mold violations, locks, and plumbing.

Clearing HPD violations

Although the violation was corrected and the inspection completed, our team still had to take proactive measures by working with HPD online. This included submitting the required forms to have the building/property title report updated and remove any mention of the previous violations.

Certification of HPD Violations Correction

Afterward, we had to get certification to guarantee that we could show proof of dismissal. A certification is either a hard copy or electronic document filed with HPD to confirm that the violation conditions given on the Notice of Violation were fixed within the legally required period.

We gave the title company and bank’s underwriter our certification to show that we fulfilled all requisites for the property/building owner’s refinancing loan.

Luckily, with the help of our certified New York City HPD violation removal team, we cleared the violations and closed them promptly. This experience has taught us that it is important for commercial property/building owners to stay on top of their hpd violation status at all times to avoid any unwanted delays or setbacks.​

If you have any questions or would like to hire a hassle-free professional firm to facilitate this process for you, All Boro On-Call Business + Home Center is always available at (917) 805-9868.


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